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The Meyers Foundation begins accepting applications January 1st each year. Applications must be completed online through the Lenawee County Education Foundation application system (link at the bottom of the page). All applications must be completed by March 1st in order to be considered for an award. Selected applicants will be contacted by a Board Member for an interview. 


During the interview applicants will be evaluated on academic purpose, character, leadership qualities, goals, personal pursuits (such as work, hobbies, volunteer service, sports, etc.) and knowledge and understanding of the Meyers Foundation history and purpose. Scholastic standing is reviewed but is not used for evaluation.


Applicants are expected to come prepared to present themselves and respond to questions about and discuss their life activities and their relation to the applicants chosen field of study, short term, mid term and long term goals as stated in the goals essay.

Applicants should be prepared to discuss what they have learned of the Allen H. & Nydia Meyers Foundation history and how their chosen field of study and career path are relative to the Meyers Foundation's goal to support aeronautic or scientific careers. Applicants are also evaluated on the probability of being able to complete a degree program and their maturity and understanding of the resources necessary to do so. An applicant should know how they plan to finance their education and what funds are available for the coming academic year.


Notification of awards will be made immediately following the spring meeting of the Board of the Allen H. and Nydia Meyers Foundation. All applicants are notified as to the results, following this meeting. Awards are made once to any individual and are only renewable under unusual circumstances. The Meyers Foundation is a perpetual one and only the income from the original funding is used in supporting grants. All award checks are made out to the institution where the study or work will be accomplished. These checks are sent to the appropriate school office in September or October and notification to the student is sent at that time.


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